Alba is known for classic yet versatile, body-inclusive swimsuits that have broadened the selection for all shapes, skin colors and sizes. We continue to build a community that fosters inclusivity and love in all its forms by sharing the stories & struggles of real women, our chicas.


Alba Sport is our answer to the call for diversity & inclusion in a time when fitness, strength and health are portrayed a certain way. We aim to bring inclusivity and mindfulness back to focus as we enter the health and fitness industry.

Our message? Strength is personal.

You'll hear this phrase over and over: how you choose to flex those literal & figurative muscles is up to you because you know you, best.


The goal is to broaden & deepen the conversation around strength. We asked our following to share what gives them strength –– whether it’s fitness, non-exercise activities, or people (even pets!) Our feed & inbox were filled with inspiring fitness & non-fitness related stories but the point was that they all counted as sources of strength.

How do we plan to keep the conversation evolving and to continue this community's growth?

With great excitement & much anticipation, we introduce the Move with Alba program. We hold weekly live classes on our Instagram, @alba.mnl on different practices, sports & training techniques. We've partnered with mindful movement studios and credible instructors to help us create a community of strength & inclusivity.


Checkout our entries to learn more about the instructors and their classes!

For updates on our scheduled classes, please head over to our Instagram: @alba.mnl.