Sport or Practice: Indoor Cycling, Basketball, HIIT Training, Yoga, Golf

On his passion: Sports is my ultimate passion in life. I live and breathe sports because of its power to inspire people in life.

On confidence & self-worth: I pull my confidence from the support of my friends and family. It helps so much that they believe in the positive impact of my passion for sports / fitness as much as I do. I think that self-worth is an essential driving force needed before one can aspire to create positive impact outside. It's something that can be hard to obtain, but is possible with the right attitude and support system. The perfect manifestation of this is how we are now embracing a more inclusive view on body image, which is awesome :)

Words he would have like to have heard at the most vulnerable point in his life: Life is going to be full of mistakes, but it will also be full of triumphs.

Source of strength: My family, friends, and God 👌🏽