A question we get thrown around a lot is, "why 'chicas'?" While it began as a branding ploy, the intention behind it was always so much deeper.

You see, when one says 'model', the attached connotation is the ideal, the best, the aspiration. But we obviously can't all be models in that sense, and that feeling of lacking in the looms department to what is supposedly 'ideal' has destroyed so many women's self-perception. As a brand, we've always strived to change that.

We don't use models. No one on our team is a professional in the traditional sense. No one on our team has held herself more beautiful than the other simply because she fit society's standard more.

Instead, we have chicas. We have girls--as translated from Spanish--who embody beauty by being confident in their own selves. Everyone on our team has their own journey in understanding the phrase "another woman's beauty does not diminish your own". And here they are today.

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