On her passion:

To give back to the Philippines - despite being called too idealistic by those who believe our country’s problems are deeply entrenched in our society. Working in the development sector has exposed me to what the reality of our country. And once you’re conscious, it’s hard to remain indifferent. It often gets challenging to keep up (and read the news almost every hour) but I am grateful for the opportunity to continue learning. What I do may just have a minimal impact (for now), but I feel joy in knowing I use my time and skills to benefit those who are in most need of help.


On her advocacies:

Recently, I’ve been exposed to human rights issues and programs at work and have been reading up about it. Hopefully in the future, I could help advocate and protect human rights on a larger scale.


Her take on confidence and body image:

I am still in the process of finding my self-confidence and it gets reaaaaally tough. However, acknowledging my flaws was a good, modest first step I had to take to progress. Once I realized these flaws were just crazy-thoughts-in-my-head, I eventually learned (and am still learning!) to embrace it. I am also really grateful about being surrounded by supportive friends who remind me that society’s definition of beautiful is unrealistic. My friends made me realize that it’s cool to be yourself and show off your idiosyncrasies.


Words she would have like to have heard at the most vulnerable point in her life:

Reading Seneca’s words have helped me accept adversity as part of the human experience. He said we can’t control the obstacles we face, but we can control how we react to it. Character and virtue cannot be built without adversity.


On Alba:

I’ve seen Andi and Chabs work hard at building Alba (from its initial market research to social media analytics) and it has really paid off! They’ve built a brand empowering women to feel confident in their bodies and it’s great to see girls of all body types rocking their Alba suits. Alba has become more than just classic, reliable swimwear – it has become a movement.

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