On her passion:

As an architecture student, I believe in the power of spaces to affect the way we feel. This is why I'm passionate about designing with the human experience in mind. We should be building things that are sustainable yet beautiful, efficient yet always human.

Growing up in the Philippines, I've always been surrounded by forests, mountains, beaches and the sea. Our country is so rich in natural resources, it would be a shame to develop it irresponsibly. It's time that we give attention/importance to tropical architecture and sustainable design that suits our country's real needs in terms of both climate and culture. It's my dream to be able to create spaces that respond to island living in a way that can increase the quality of life for Filipinos.

Her take on self-worth and body image:

I find that self worth and body image issues are normal- something that every one of us faces. It's through an ever evolving process of self discovery that we are able to make peace with the many parts of ourselves that make us who we are. It took a lot of realization but I feel that inner confidence started to take root in me once I began to accept and love myself - flaws and all.

Words she would have like to have heard at the most vulnerable point in her life:

Everything you're feeling is valid. It's okay to experience negative emotions. The more you can accept yourself for where you are at the moment - whether angry, sad, insecure... the more you'll be able to learn from it and work towards improving from there.

On Alba:

Alba is such a genuine brand because it truly believes in the power of women and the importance of lifting each other up. I feel confident in the pieces not just because of their design but because of the brand's energy.

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