On what gives her the most joy:

Seeing things from a different perspective - traveling somewhere I’ve never been to before, watching movies, trying a new cuisine, discovering good music, or hearing stories from someone who’s passionate about their craft.


Her take on self-worth and body image:

Once you realise that it’s not your job to look perfect or adhere to anyone else’s standards, things get easier - there’s more to life than how you look. The body I’m in is the body I’ve gone through life with and the one I’m going to continue to grow with. Though it’s still a process, I need to make sure I have a healthy relationship with it.


Words she would have like to have heard at the most vulnerable point in her life:

Don’t take anything too seriously!


On Alba:

Happy to be an Alba girl - suits are conscious of not just design but also function and the brand builds an inclusive community of women through their styles.

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