On her advocacy:

Number one is mental health. I came across the term back in college when I was googling excuses not to go to school, because I wasn't feeling well and I couldn't explain why. When I read the term mental health break and what it meant, it made so much sense. I can't stress enough how important it is to take care of your mental well-being. You always want to be 100% and allowing yourself to disconnect and recharge is the best booster.


On her passions:

I find joy with making sure that I'm always active. I'm not the fittest person ever, but I like to engage in different sports and physical activities to recharge and to get my happy hormones released. Through this, I have made friends and built a community with people that always encourage and challenge each other to give our best in everything that we do. I hope to continue doing this and encourage more people I meet because I really enjoy helping and seeing people grow and develop into better humans, whether it's through fitness or fellowship.


Her take on confidence and body image:

In all honesty, my confidence fluctuates - I could feel like I have it all under control one day, and so incapable the next. When I'm not feeling confident about myself, my body or my skills, I remind myself of what I have gone through to get to where I am. So even on days that aren't so good, I know that they won't get the best of me because I am stronger now than before.

Regarding self-worth and body image, I used to be super conscious about my body. Especially because I have reached my "prime ideal" body back in college when I was cheering. There was an expectation for me to still look the same years after. I have to constantly remind myself that I've gotten older and I don't train for hours on end at the same intensity as I did before. What's important is that I'm still active, I'm still moving and I'm still improving.


Words she would have like to have heard at the most vulnerable point in her life:

We are all a piece of work and will continue to be, no one should have the burden to be perfect all the time.

But also! You don't always have to have it together. You are loved and important to more people than you imagine. At the end of the day, you won't go through what you can't handle and the Lord's grace will help you through.


On Alba:

As someone who goes to the beach a lot and someone who isn't the "ideal" body shape, I have such a hard time finding a suit that suits me. The moment I put on my first Alba swimsuit, I felt so comfortable and so confident moving around in it! I knew I found my favorite swimwear line. I am so thankful for the chicas that made Alba come to life! Their clean designs, and the range of size offerings show how much they value and put effort in their product and advocacy. I am so honored to be part of this brand and to be able to use this platform to encourage girls everywhere!

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