Her Passion:

Sports have always been my greatest passion. Football, in particular has been the avenue through which I was able to build my character holistically, learn the value of rising from defeat and the rewards that come with dedication. Playing football for 16 years made me strong, independent and aware of my ability to thrive from any set back or difficult situations.

On Confidence:

Building my self confidence didn’t happen overnight. In fact, there are still days where I feel that I’m not “as pretty” or at all like what society considers to be attractive. The biggest factor that really make you feel beautiful and whole is acceptance; acceptance that flaws are simply part of life and that individuality in itself gives us our own way of defining beauty. It always helped as well that all my life, I’ve had friends and family who remind me how great I am as well as the great things they know I can do. Sometimes, getting that reminder from loved ones is enough to give us the extra push we need!

Words she would have like to have heard at the most vulnerable point in her life:

“Be patient with yourself. Give yourself time to blossom.”

On Alba:

I love brands who serve a purpose and Alba’s is one that resonates so well with Filipina women. Swimwear of every design should be enjoyed by every girl- tall, petite, curvy, muscular, busty and everything in between.

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