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Alba Travels: A Curated Capsule Collection
They say traveling makes you happier than any material wealth can. What makes us at Alba even happier is bringing back our special finds and sharing them with our chicas!
Introducing, Alba Travels –– limited pieces that we brought home from our recent adventures. As we scoured up and down the city avenues and back streets, we always kept these things in mind: versatility, comfort, and style. We believe we curated each piece to carry those core values, along with the unique element that only our chosen destination could add.
We begin this collection with a 4-day trip to Thailand. While the climate and city life may seem familiar to us from Manila, Thailand has many little pockets of culture everywhere you look. It's obvious in every corner, from the vibrant flowers offered at every shrine to the colorful silk dyes and weaves. We were even lucky enough to be brought to a small coastal town to get a taste of what beach-side life was like for the locals! We hope that this collection brings you even a fraction of the joy that we experienced on our first Alba curation trip.
Please take note that these are specially curated items we personally carried home to share with all of you. 
Stock is VERY limited.
Orders will be entertained as our regular items. However, we will not be restocking any pieces from this collection, so get them now while you can!