About Alba

Alba was founded by two young women who could never live without the beach. Every trip brings unending joy to us, but we know that many women don't feel the same way. Society has imposed so many unreasonable hurdles and standards on women that insecurity is as common on the shore as seashells.

Confidence comes from comfort. Wearing a swimsuit is often a vulnerable experience for women, where we feel exposed and insecure. It doesn't have to be that way. We at Alba believe that every woman deserves to feel beautiful in a swimsuit. The task of creating body-inclusive pieces lies in the extra thought and effort in every design. We have ensured that each suit and each set will look amazing and natural in every size.

As inspired by your day in the sun, we aim to design swimwear that can be functional without sacrificing style. We've created beautiful, surf-safe pieces that will keep you secure on the roughest waves. Nothing can keep you away from the adventure now.

What happens at the beach can follow you back to the city. All Alba pieces have +UPF 50 Sun Protection and are designed for the cleanest tan lines. Slather on some sunscreen and enjoy your time in the sun.

Alba stands on the core values of body-inclusivity and self-love, and we are always learning how we can best support you on your own journey. Drop us a message with your stories and ideas. Chica, you and your story can make a world of a difference.